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Minecraft: Xtracraft Mod - NEW DIMENSIONS, POWERFUL MOBS, BOSS MONSTERS! minecraft клиент xtracraft

  • Размещено: 28-03-2013, 19:07
  • Просмотров: 400
Ratings and favorites are always appreciated! Dl the mod here (Requires Forge): Since XtraCraft was launched, it was a MOD well-known and with a lot of fans, but, after its creator, IronFists decided to stop updating it and abandoned it. Later, IronFists received a request from TheMathe1, who said that he would update the mod, and make it work in the newest versions of MineCraft, so IronFists gave him the original coding. Now, TheMathe1 is updating XtraCraft, and is also adding new items.Twitter: TwitchTV: Secondary Channel:

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