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Minecraft: Furniture Mod crashfish Furniture Mod майнкрафт

  • Размещено: 30-01-2013, 20:47
  • Просмотров: 498
The Furniture Mod adds new Furniture to your Minecraft Game!!! Not only is is adorable but it is also compatible with any texture pack! Try it here! - Check out the mod creatures youtube! - Thanks for watching! Leave a like or favorite the video if you enjoyed it!// For the latest videos, Subscribe! //Minecraft: Furniture ModMinecraft Single Player Playlist: Minecraft Mod Playlist: Follow me---------------------------------------------------------Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Music Credit---------------------------------------------------------ShinyWave - "Snowflayx" Tags: minecraft furniture mod mods modding modification game games gamer gaming cute texture pack compatible mrcrayfish crayfish spotlight review chair table fridge cabinet lamp rug shade shades curtain curtains cupquake ihascupquake quake

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