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Minecraft 1.5.2 Seed Spotlight - BEST SEED EVER! Seed майнкрафт 1.5.2 со статуями

  • Размещено: 5-05-2013, 21:29
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LIKE if you enjoyed this video!Episode 3 of Minecraft Seed Spotlights, a series where I review epic seeds on Minecraft 1.5.2!Subscribe to become a Golden Grapple! Minecraft Seed Spotlights (All Episodes): Download My Texture Pack: Seed: bookCONNECT WITH METwitter: Livestream: Steam Group: If you're reading this, comment the video saying:ENCHANTED BOOKS!Music by MitiS: Additional Tags:minecraft stronghold mixed with abandoned mineshaft, stronghold at spawn, best minecraft seed, minecraft seeds minecraft seed with stronghold near spawn, stronghold inside a ravine, stronghold exposed portal room, stronghold below spawn, ender portal in ravine, diamonds at spawn, abandoned mineshaft inside stronghold, grapeapplesauce, stronghold library in ravine, minecraft seeds with stronghold at spawn, stronghold cave system, stronghold thats easy to get to from spawn, no ender pearls needed, exposed surface stronghold seed, top minecraft seeds, amazing minecraft seeds, awesome seeds in minecraft, pc, computer, minecraft seed spotlight, abandoned mineshaft in ravine, chests, great survival worlds in minecraft, fun, plains, forest, spawn, stronghold in minecraft, stronghold that is surface accessible in minecraft, stronghold library in ravine, triple ravine, dossier, glacier, stronghold portal room seed, Stronghold seed in minecraft. stronghold seed for minecraft 1.5.2, stronghold seed for minecraft 1.5, minecraft seed with a stronghold, ravine at spawn, abandoned mineshaft at spawn, huge abandoned mineshaft, great cave systems with diamonds, Minecraft seeds, best seed in minecraft, minecraft seed with stronghold at the surface, minecraft seed with a stronghold in a ravine, every generated structure in minecraft, minecraft exposed stronghold, best minecraft seeds, best minecraft seed ever, minecraft seeds 1.5, minecraft new 1.5 update, best minecraft 1.5 seed, minecraft best seed ever 1.5, top minecraft seeds 1.5, minecraft top seeds 1.5, minecraft seed with stronghold at spawn, minecraft best seed ever, minecraft amazing seed, minecraft 1.5.2 seeds, minecraft seed with diamonds on the surface, minecraft seeds, minecraft 1.5.2 seed, minecraft 1.5.2 seed, minecraft seed, minecraft seeds, minecraft seed, minecraft seeds, minecraft seeds, minecraft seed

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