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A Minecraft Friends Parody (Minecraft Animation)

  • Размещено: 27-11-2012, 17:21
  • Просмотров: 467
Music by Roomie! - Want your own MineCraft server? Check this out: If you use the code: "Element" You'll get 10% off too!Lyrics:So you just want to enjoy Minecraft all day. You grab your gaming mouse, then just sit down and play.Feels like you're always stuck with Wooden gear, And in the biggest, darkest caves there's bats, and ghasts... and zombies to fear, butMinecraft's there for you, it's for when you get boredMinecraft's there for you, like I've mined there before. Minecraft's there for you, and were all mining too.--------------------------------FOLLOW US:--------------------------------Facebook - Twitter - Website - -----------------------------------Element Animation stuff!-----------------------------------UK: US:

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