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Minecraft: Super Craft Bros Brawl - New Apartment and DEMON BIRD CLASS?!?

  • Размещено: 22-06-2013, 21:58
  • Просмотров: 431
So excited about living in a new apartment, tour shortly. Sorry about no video yesterday, didn't get as many recorded as I thought I could have by the time I had to pack! Also did you guys know that DEMONS BIRDS ARE A CLASS NOW? OH THAT JUST BLOWS MY LID OFF THE TRASH CAN.Play Super Craft Bros here: Dweller Channel Extension: MY WEBSITE: T-SHIRT STORE: /storeTwitter: TwitchTV: Secondary Channel: Intro and outro music is Adventure Time by Rogue, supplied by Monstercat media. Download the album here: The music in this video comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you want it for your own use, you can download it here: Purchase it to support the artist!

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