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Unity3D - Minecraft-Style Game - UPDATE 2 minecraft на unity3d

  • Размещено: 15-03-2013, 13:36
  • Просмотров: 1171
Source: If you found this video(or the source) useful, please like it :)Minecraft-style game developed by Me. I acknowledge that I use some of the Minecraft textures, but this will hopefully change soon :)Anyway, as You might have noticed I there is loading and saving in the game. The game is also now more optimised(I know you cant seen in the video, but just trust me, it is :))I advice You play it Yourself NOW at One thing to keep in mind is that in the online version the saving and loading is diffrent(it is not saved in a file but a string of text, so that the save games can be easily shared), so I suggest you read the instructions... And also PM ME YOUR MAP ;D.Thank you for your support , Marcin.

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