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The Minecraft Style 2 - Slender Zombies #1

  • Размещено: 25-01-2013, 17:09
  • Просмотров: 478
Subscribe to the show here: Surprise surprise! This world is on my desktop in which I could do daily if you guys want me to, as opposed to The Minecraft Style 1 which could only be done on the weekends.This is my first Minecraft video with the official Wolf Army! Let me know if you guys like it. We're currently taking a break from all of the zombies and I still want to put out my Xbox360 Minecraft world tour.Episode: The Minecraft Style 2 - Slender Zombies #1Texture Pack: Dokucraft Light CustomizedMods:Minecraft ForgeTheBombzen APIAutoswitcherArrows ModMore StackablesShelfSuggestions on mods, what to build, or even a new name for the series is welcome in the comments!-GG

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