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Top 10 Minecraft Songs October 2012 [HD] top 10 minecraft songs october 2012 hd ИГРАТЬ

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Hey guys check the best songs from 2012 out! Watch it in HD guys :)Hey Guys and Welcome to my opinion of what should be the Top 10 Minecraft Songs in October 2012! I hope you guys enjoy the music and the videos from Captain Sparklez, the yogscast and more! I do NOT own any Rights to these Videos and Songs! Songs and Videos are for entertaining purposes only!here the list of all the songs in the video with the link to the original video:10. I just found Diamond by ItsJerryandHarry ;list=UUYEqE7HG2DRd59fBb_SG1ZQ&...9. Like a Block by Kuledud3 8. Diggy Diggy Hole (Dwarf Hole) by Bluexephos ;feature=plcp7. Cube Land by Slamacow Creations (animation) and Laura Shigihara (voice) 6. Revenge by Captain Sparklez sung by TryHardNinja ;feature=plcp5. Mine by Brad Knauber 4. In Search of Diamonds by Eric Fullerton 3. Screw the Nether by bluexephos 2. Fallen Kingdom by Captain Sparklez sung by TryHardNinja ;feature=plcp1. Minecraft Style by Captain Sparklez sung by TryHardNinja ;feature=plcpI hope you enjoyed this video :D

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